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Body Wave Virgin Indian Hair Extension Weave – 100% Remy

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The Body Wave Virgin Indian Remy Hair is our most popular hair because of its versatility to wear it wavy or in bone straight styles. The Body Wave texture has a natural and elegant bounce that exhibits volume and robustness. World Hair Extensions highly recommends the Body Wave texture if you would like to achieve a straight or wavy hybrid.

(13 customer reviews)
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About Our Remy Virgin Indian Hair

The Body Wave Virgin Indian Remy Hair is our most popular hair because of its versatility to wear it wavy or in bone straight styles. The Body Wave texture has a natural and elegant bounce that exhibits volume and robustness. World Hair Extensions highly recommends the Body Wave texture if you would like to achieve a straight or wavy hybrid.

As it is made of 100% Remy human hair, it can be cut, colored, straighten, and curled. Everything that you do with your own hair can be done with these extensions. Just air dry naturally, use a wide tooth comb and scrunch.

Our Virgin Indian Hair is the highest quality of hair you can get in the world. Virgin Indian Hair is raw and in its natural state, which means it has never been processed or chemically altered. Our Virgin Indian hair comes on an either a hand-tied weft, which is thin and light-weight or a machine weft, which is easier to work with. The hair comes in natural 1B color and in a range of textures; straight, body wave, curly, kinky curly and deep wave. All Virgin Indian hair can be professionally colored.

Virgin Indian Remy hair is widely considered to be the highest quality of human hair used for extensions and weaves. The term “Remy” is used exclusively for hair which has maintained the outer cuticle layer, a key component of strong and healthy hair extensions. True Remy hair has the cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same downward direction, the way it would occur naturally before the hair is cut. The cuticle layer is critically important when it comes to hair tangling, longevity, volume, and how luminously the hair shines. Click here to learn more about the science of healthy hair.


Special Orders

 Special order are 22 inch lengths and longer they will take up to two weeks to receive.

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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Body Wave Virgin Indian Hair Extension Weave – 100% Remy

  1. Ashley N from CA

    I’ve been wearing hair from World Hair Extensions for some time now, and I can honestly say that it’s probably some of the best quality hair I’ve ever come across. I like to change my styles frequently, and these extensions allow me to do so because they come in lots of different varieties, textures, and lengths. The fact that it’s safe to color these extensions is also a plus. I love the fact that this hair is so resilient, so that if I wanted to use it over and over again I know that with proper maintenance and a simple wash it will bounce right back into shape. I have tried all types of extensions, and this is simply the best hair I’ve come across so far. I highly recommend World Hair Extensions to anyone looking for quality long-lasting hair

  2. Brigid Kombol

    This hair is absolutely gorgeous.I carried mine for about three weeks and besides wearing it in two big braids at night,i never once had to curl or straighten it.There was very little shedding.Each time i oiled it,all eyes were on me.it blended so well with my hair and could easily pass as my hair and it never tangled.i enjoyed it but i had to take it out cuz i don’t really like washing my hair with weaves in it.

  3. Meka W.

    I just got my body wave installed today and I Loveeeeee it the hair is so soft and looks so natural I cant wait to load up a photo! I would refer all my friends to purchase.

  4. Lleora B.

    I bought the 18″-22″ straight remy with some layers cut and bumped with a large barrel iron for body. I love it! I’ve ordered body wave and straight. The quality is amazing! The customer service alone is enough reason to keep me coming back.

  5. Sheila T.

    I have been a World Hair customer for over three years. The quality of the hair I have purchased from World Hair has been exceptional. The timeliness of service has been professional and efficient. I highly recommend World Hair products to everyone. You will never be disappointed in the quality of the hair, service or products.

  6. Melissa H.

    I have been a faithful World Hair Extension customer for about 2 years now. I love this hair! I currently have the Virgin Wavy style installed right now. I receive so many compliments on a daily basis about my hair. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with this hair and you’ll never want to waste your money on store bought hair again. Thank you, World Hair Extension’s for changing my life and my self-esteem!

  7. G A.

    Used the wavy 100% Virgin Indian Remy Wavy Hair for the first time and I have had this hair for the past six months and I love it. I plan to use the hair another six months. It’s great!!!

  8. Toni R.

    OK… 3rd install and still loving it! This time I tried the body wave… I like it a lot. I highly recommend the hand tied wefts! Virtually no tangling and no shedding… I also did a review of it that can be seen here.

  9. Teisha (verified owner)

    I have been using this hair for almost two years and Love! Love! Love! this hair!!!
    One of the things I love is the versatility of the wave; the wave pattern stays and after a wash the wave pattern is gorg!

    This hair stays true to it’s word.

    I love flexibility with weaving so I wear this hair straight, natural (wave) and even curl with sponge curlers for a tighter curl pattern when desired.
    I have also had this hair cut and coloured. It is my staple favourite. Purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Sherrell (verified owner)

    In the past, I have had the worst luck with buying hair for a weave. I have always gone to a store, begged the owner to show me the hair that gains the most positive review, bought whatever was advertised as “100% human hair”, and ultimately been unsatisfied. I have bought remy hair, the Alexandra brand hair, and Brazilian hair. Always had the same result, upon install it looked fabulous; after 1 one wash the left side always tangled. I constantly had a brush with me in efforts to tame it. I found this site, ordered the hair, installed it, and 2 washes later- LOVE IT!

    I ordered the straight hair. 14 inches and 16 inches. Did machine weft and currently am wearing both packs. Scheduled to get a new install in a week or 2 and might decrease the amount of hair. Though the hair is straight 2 packs is THICK! I like it, feel fabulous, but definitely won’t be wearing so much hair during the summer.

    I’m not the type of person that treats hair gently. I tie a small scarf around my edges most nights and put it in a ponytail but I don’t wrap it/flexi rod it (in my opinion, having a weave is supposed to make my life easier, not require the same amount of care as wearing my natural hair). Once every 4 days or so I’ll curl it with a curling iron (I usually make the heat 385 or 425). I typically use pink oil moisturizer on my edges, brush everything back, and go about my business. I wash it once a week. I use Creme of Nature Argan oil shampoo and conditioner. I sit under a hooded dryer for about 1.5 hours (I am wearing a weave cap/net); blow dry it to get it straighter, rub about 2-3 drops of Argan oil over all the hair; then curl it.

    NO TANGLES!! I no longer have an unhealthy obsession in making sure I have my brush with me at all times. There is a little shedding when washing/blow drying (enough where I need to sweep the bathroom floor afterwards) but not enough where it concerns me. When I brush my hair in the morning there are some strands in the brush but not shedding all over my shirt (also keep in mind that since I don’t wrap it/rod it then things are looking a little rough in the morning).

    I am so pleased with this product. Finally, hair that I can use for more than one install. I got the hair in November (currently December), and I plan to keep it until at least April. The price stung at first but I am so happy I made the investment.

  11. Sarah

    I discovered World Hair Extensions 2 years ago, during a desperate search. I had just received the worst hair weave of my life- the install was bad, the hair was cheap, and I was left broke and disgusted. I read countless reviews on the internet but all the popular hair brands had inconsistent reviews. I decided to take a leap based on what I read at World Hair Extensions, and I’m so HAPPY that I did.

    I received the hair within 3 days. It was packaged nicely and it was silky to the touch. I received a certificate of authenticity, along with care instructions.

    The first comment my hairstylist made was “WHOA!!! That is some nice hair!” 🙂 I knew instantly that I made the best choice. I kept the same hair for a year and it’s amazing with one wash or another install it’s back to life. It looks so healthy and shiny all the time. If you take care of this hair, it’s life span is long. Talk about good investment and quality product. To this day I get compliments all the time! I enjoy the loyalty program they offer online.

    I also have never had a mishap with world hair until recently, when I was short 1 bundle hair. A complete accident. Sent an email and instantly fixed. Great customer service. I’m just super happy and will never turn to another hair company, ever.


  12. Kelly

    I love WHE!!!!! I have a medical condition that has almost taken all of my hair! Mortified, horrified these words don’t even come close to how I have been feeling!!! I love your hair!! Thank you for making me feel like a woman again!! Today at the nail salon, my nail tech said she LOVES my hair!! She then asked me how old I was (45). She said that I look so young and that she couldn’t believe my actual age!! I had to hold back tears (of joy). I love that people see me and not the bald spots on my head.

    >From the bottom of my heart… thank you!!!!!

    Questions:this is my second order and I just saw the bonus points category. When do these appear on your account?
    Static cling – how do I alleviate this in my extensions?

    Thank you for all of your help and professional care…every time I’ve called and or emailed you!!! Freddie has been remarkable with his customer service and making me feel like a friend instead of a cold call.

  13. Athea

    I just ordered and received my body wave hair and had it installed. This is the best looking, best feeling hair I have ever had. I have ordered from you before but I learn more and more about taking care of it. Put your products in it and its so awesome. Also special thanks to the ladies in the salon who were so helpful to me on which products to use from you and cutting my lace. Dont remember what the guys name is who sends the orders but he is on point and always helpful. Will never ever use another company for hair!!

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