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Partners & Charities

World Hair Extensions is an active member of the community in offering hair replacement solutions to those with hair loss due to chemotherapy. We contribute a percentage of every sale to our goodwill fund which is used to provide wigs and extensions to those in need. We are proud to also donate to the following charities;

What causes hair loss?

Chemotherapy often causes hair loss otherwise known as alopecia. This is because the cells in the hair follicles are fast growing and chemotherapy targets and damages fast growing cells. While the hair loss is not permanent and hair grows back once treatment has ended, the sudden loss of hair can have negative emotional effects for the patient. Not all drugs cause hair loss – Some just cause thinning and others cause dramatic hair loss including the body hair and eye brows.

How we help

Every year we donates hair to patients in need and through our salon we also do the installation and styling services. This is a cause that is very dear to our hearts and naturally is at the very core of our business. Unfortunetely, we lack the financial resources to help as many candidates we want, however, as our organization grows, so to will our ability to contribute. We thank all our customers for making this charity possible and we look forward to becomming a bigger part of the solution to alo
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