Trendy Hairstyles to Rock this Summer (Part 2)


We started with some gorgeous hairstyles in Part 1, from copper bobs and peek-a-boo highlights to awe-inspiring curls and head-turning ombre. Time to move on and give some more inspiration to create the perfect summer look!

1. Asymmetrical Bob

Without a doubt, a bob makes a perfect summer hairstyle. Now, if it’s asymmetrical, too, you take it to a whole new level. A way to style a bob is as follows. Section out bangs (triangle shape) and curl them to the side with a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Curl the rest just a bit with a 2-inch curling iron and finish with some spray.

If your bob is not asymmetrical and you want to try this look, you can consider using Remy hair extensions to create the asymmetry that distinguishes the haircut. Another good idea is to use highlights (again, extensions) and give the style an even trendier look.

Perfect for all face shapes and, of course, ladies with short hair.

Tip: If you are using sewn-in virgin hair extensions, it’s best to use a comb with wide teeth to avoid shedding.

2. Queen Bold Blonde

With our skins sun-kissed already, blonde is a dynamic color this season that makes our face look glorious and bright. A way to style your blond strands is to section the hair (triangle shape) and curl bangs with a 1-inch curling iron. Use a flat iron to smooth the rest of the hair and sweep it up. Pin into position and spray. Ideal for medium to long hair.

Tip: If you notice that your blonde Remy hair extensions fade, here’s what you can do. The use of Argan oil, though, can help protect them from fading and give them shine.

3. Extra-Long Wavy Lock

This one will steal the show. Part your long hair into 4 sections and braid your extensions into 4 loose pigtails. Spray and sit under a hooded dryer if it’s possible. That will help define the waves. Spray to finish off the look. Alternatively, you could consider using a U-part weave for a more natural look to the selected style.

Tip: If your virgin Remy extensions feel a bit dry, consider a leave-in product. An amount the size of 2-3 peas will be enough to bring life back to lifeless weaves and clip-ins.

4. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Added Track

It’s super sweet and trendy and a great option for girls with short hair that want to make the difference in their appearance. Have your hair stylist cut one side of the head super short (depending on where you want your parting) to create asymmetry. Use a light serum to smooth the short hair down and then smooth out the longer pieces with a flat iron. To make sure the back lays flat and smooth, use mega wrap strips. Finish with a light hairspray.

Tip: For hair that bounces, a moisturizing wrapping lotion will work just beautifully on your short hair. Again, you can add highlights or sport an ombre look with the use of colored extensions.

Which hairstyle stole your heart? How do you style your hair this summer? Let us know!