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Indian Hair Length Guide - Hair Weave Extension Length Chart

Use the Hair Extension Length Guide to get an approximate length for ordering your hair extensions. Please note that while the length is consistent, that it will appear to be longer or shorter depending on the height of the model used in the chart and the varying length of the neck and torso. Also please keep in mind that the technique and the starting point used to thread your extensions can cause the length to vary. If you are unsure about what length to order, please call our Hair Advisers. It is always a good idea to order the hair a little longer if you are not sure, as it can be trimmed or stylized shorter.

Our blog post is dedicated to providing a useful hair extension length comparison. This resource aims to simplify the decision-making process, assisting you in recommending the perfect extensions that seamlessly complement your clients’ natural hair length. Whether you’re assisting customers or purchasing human hair extensions for personal use, this post contains valuable information to guide you through the selection process.

Hair Extension Length Chart

Medium Length Hair Extensions

Medium hair extensions typically range from 14 to 18 inches. However, individuals with curly hair may opt for extensions up to 24 inches in length.

Shoulder Length

For shoulder-length hair extensions, exact matching isn’t necessary. It’s more about even distribution to prevent excessive weight or volume in specific areas of the head. Ensure the strands are evenly distributed for a balanced look.

Bra Strap Length

Individuals with hair at bra strap length fall at the longer end of the medium hair extensions spectrum. Optimal strands for this length are between 16 to 20 inches. Some with shorter hair use this length, placing the extensions behind their ears or at the base of the neck for a unique style. Keep in mind that curly and wavy clip-ins are straightened before measurement to ensure a perfect match.

Long Hair Extensions

Longer hair can become unruly if there are too many extensions. Aim for a length between 24 and 26 inches to add volume without compromising the natural look. You can always trim the strands to match your natural hair length.

Extra Long

Hair past bra strap length qualifies as long, but if it extends beyond the middle of the back, achieving a perfect match becomes challenging. In such cases, opt for a complementary length, adding extensions around the scalp for thickness and a healthy appearance. This method is also useful for blending in strands of extra color without dyeing natural hair.

Which Extension Hair Length is Right for You?

Let’s assess the pros and cons of popular lengths to help you decide:

16 vs. 18-inch hair extensions:

18-inch strands are popular but add more weight. 16-inch strands are manageable, especially with shorter hair.

20-inch hair extensions:

A versatile choice for straight, curly, and wavy hair, but longer pieces can be challenging to manage.

18 vs. 22-inch hair extensions:

18-inch strands complement long hair but may stand out if not styled correctly. 22-inch extensions add length but are more prone to damage due to their length. 

Hair Extensions Length FAQ

What length of hair extensions do I need?

> Your extension length should closely match your natural hair length for a seamless blend. Measure properly, especially for curly extensions, by straightening your hair.

What is the average length of hair extensions?

> The average length is 14-24 inches, ideal for hair at or slightly past the shoulders.

What is the difference between hair extensions and hair weaves?

> Hair extensions use various application methods, while weaves are sewn into the hair, making them more challenging to remove.
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