Inexpensive Products That Work Well With Your Human Hair Extension Weave


Moroccan Oil Hair TreatmentWeaves, like your natural hair, has a tendency to get dry. If you have chosen to forgo the synthetic weave extensions and have decided to choose wearing human hair extensions, dry hair does not have to be inevitable.

It’s actually easier to experience more hair dryness when wearing your human hair weave simply because there is no oil penetrating down the hair shaft from the scalp, as would happen with your natural hair. That’s why it’s extremely important to moisturize your human hair weave extensions using products that work well with weaves.

Remember however, you don’t have to spend a fortune on hair extension products. Your local beauty supply store is well equipped with very affordable yet excellent products to help keep your weave looking shiny and sleek.

Here are 6 hair products that work really well at adding moisture and sheen to hair extension weaves.

  1. Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner – This is a great after shampoo conditioner. The product is extremely light on the hair and does not weigh it down. It softens the hair beautifully, not to mention it’s a master at leaving the hair tangle free. It’s recommended that after you wash your hair and your hair is still fairly damp; spray some Infusium 23 Leave-in Conditioner on your hair. Then use a wide-tooth-comb to comb through your weave. Remember, start from the tips of your hair weave and work your way up the hair shaft and then towards the scalp area. You’ll notice how well your comb glides through your hair without any tangles. By far, this is in my opinion the best leave-in conditioner available on the market.
  2. Motions Marula Natural Therapy Strengthening Conditioner – This is a thermal oil treatment works in conjunction with steam to activate the conditioning properties of this hair treatment. The ingredients include shea butter and honey. These two ingredients are great moisturizers for the hair and scalp. It’s known to work well on damaged hair. If it can do that, just imagine how well it will work on a healthy human hair extensions! It will definitely leave your hair feeling soft and well moisturized.
  3. Elasta QP Glaze Plus – Design Spritz – Salon Hold Styling Spray – This is an excellent product for maintaining healthy looking and well moisturized hair extensions. This product is extremely fast drying, doesn’t create flakes and adds beautiful shine. Since its vitamin rich, there is no reason why you should not consider this product.
  4. Smooth Touch Go Glitz Olive Oil Sheen Spray – This products adds amazing shine to tresses while holding any style in place.
  5. Frizz Ease – Works well especially on straight hair. It keeps hair shiny and smooth, maintaining the hair’s bouncy flow. Frizz Ease is infused with keratin protein and blends of polymers that wrap around each hair strand for added protection. It’s not too heavy allowing hair to flow without all the heavy weight like with some other products.
  6. Fantasia IC Hair Polisher – Heat Protector – Straightening Serum – This very inexpensive product is another favorite. Works well on the hair when heat styling tools are used. It protects the hair, while adding gorgeous shine.

There is no reason not to maintain your hair extension style. The wide selection of inexpensive products like these makes hair maintenance a breeze! Consider trying these products on your hair. And keep your eyes open for more inexpensive styling aids on your next visit to the beauty shop. Great hair starts with proper hair care.

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