Hair Glue And Your Weave – What You Need to Know Before You Go Down This Route

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Woman holding her glued in extensionsIt’s no surprise that women have been wearing hair weaves for years. Some weave methods are clip-in hair extension weaves, sew-in weaves and then there are glue-in weaves. Glue in weaves are quick and easy to do that’s why for those do-it-yourselfers out there and for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time in the salon chair, this method is becoming quite popular among weave wearers. Think about it, having a new hairdo that takes less time is always a plus for any woman on the go. But is a glue-in weave the safest method for hair extensions?

Some have questioned how safe this method really is…

In the last year, there was a 34 year old woman who had been wearing hair weaves for more than ten years who died – potentially due to the latex glues and removal solvent used for her hair extension weave. Doctor’s have also seen similar damage that weave applicators have done. An interview conducted with a doctor related to the case, told the media that he had seen cases where individuals who have used glues to apply their extensions have actually experienced anaphylactic shock!

According to this doctor, there were approximately 10 to 20 deaths reported each year in the United Kingdom, along with many more reported in the United States. He stated at the time that he had seen four cases in those last three months alone! Although an official cause of death was not confirmed for this young woman, doctors did say that it was an unknown allergic reaction that played a role in her death. This indicates that there may be dangers involved in using these chemicals to apply your weave. It is evident that before you even decide to wear a glue-in weave that you conduct your own research first and look at cases like these to decide whether or not you want to take the chance all in the name of beauty.

Here are some facts you need to know about hair glues before you decide to use this weave application method:

The hair glue used in wig and hair weaves is an adhesive that is specially formulated to apply to the hair of someone who wants to apply extension hair. It is a strong applicator that aids in keeping hair pieces firmly in place. However, it is not so strong that it can damage your own hair upon removal.

If you install your weave using this method, to remove it, simply use a special shampoo or glue remover (also referred to as a solvent, it’s fairly easy to remove your hair extensions from your hair. However, it’s always best to purchase your hair glue removal shampoo or solvent at the same time that you purchase your extension hair. Ask the store assistant where you are making your purchase if they can suggest a good one that is often used and recommended by other weave wearers. Be patient when removing the glued in extensions to avoid ripping your own hair out!

But please note, there should be some caution in choosing this weave application method. As you know, not everyone reacts to things the same and a hair weave glue is no exception. Hair glues are known to contain different ingredients and some of these ingredients can be harmful to you. If you commonly experience allergic reactions to different things, or if you have sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you first discuss the possibility of using weave glue with your doctor. A good suggestion is to show them the glue so that they can determine if it’s safe enough for you to use. After all, you want to avoid having an allergic reaction or any other health issue related to using this beauty aid.

Remember, whether you’ll be using the glue yourself and applying your weave at home or whether you’re using a professional stylist to install your weave for you, be sure that the proper instructions for the glue application are followed. Look at the directions that are listed on the glue product. Keep it away from your eyes and use precautions during the application and removal process.

Although thousands of woman love to use glues with their weaves and have no problem with it, there are unfortunate cases like the one mentioned above. Do your due diligence and see what works best for you. Research the various weave application methods to see which you prefer as there are pros and cons with anything in life. Always remember this; an informed consumer is a smart consumer.

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