Step By Step Instructions To Safely Add Color to Your Human Hair Extensions


Hair color pallet sample and combsInvesting in 100% human hair extensions is an excellent idea if you want to add a new dimension to your look. Most women know and can appreciate the fact that hair extensions can add a breath of fresh hair to your look and provides a quick and easy way to change your appearance.

Hair extensions can be purchased in either human hair which is more expensive or synthetic hair which is more cost effective but without the versatility of human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are either made of polyester or nylon fibers, while human hair extensions are made from real 100% human hair.

Did you know that synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed or color treated? On the other hand you can dye or style human hair extensions just the way you do would with your own hair. Human hair extensions allow you to use hot hairstyling tools like flat irons and curling irons too! The added versatility to add color and style to human hair makes it a great investment!

If you have purchased 100% human hair extensions and want to add some color, below is a list of the tools you will need prior to starting your hair coloring process:

– Human hair extensions
– Color bowl and a brush
– Hair color and developer
– Plastic wrap
– Gloves
– Tin foil
– Towel
– Wide tooth comb

You will also need a large table or counter space for easy coloring of the hair extensions. The room in which you are to carry out the process should be well ventilated. Sheets of tin foil should also be well spread across the working area so as to protect the work space from color. Also make sure that you have enough space to comfortably carry out the process. With all these preparations in place, you are now ready to start the coloring process.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to safely color your human hair extensions:

  • You start the process by purchasing the hair dye, gloves, developer and applicator bottle from a beauty supply store, drug store or salon.
  • The second step is to comb through the extensions with a wide-tooth comb to detangle them. You should wash out any styling product in the extensions ahead of time prior to the color application. Then place your extensions in an old towel after you have detangled them to ensure that they are completely dry.
  • Put on the rubber gloves before you start preparing the hair color mixture. Follow the instructions that come with hair color as you mix the hair color and developer and pour them into the applicator bottle. Shake the applicator bottle with the mixture well. This will ensure that your color is properly mixed.
  • When the mixture is ready, coat your hair extensions strands using the dye. You can use a comb to distribute the hair dye evenly so that it coats the hair in the areas where you want the color placed. After proper application of the color on the hair extensions, they should then be covered in the tin foil. Leave the color on the hair for the amount of time specified on the hair dye box.
  • The fifth step involves rinsing the hair dye out of the extensions. Use warm water to do so to ensure all of the color mixture is gone. Shampoo the hair and then apply conditioner after the dye is washed out. You should then gently comb through the hair extensions after the application of the hair conditioner.
  • The sixth step involves washing out the conditioner by using a cold water rinse. This seals hair color and at the same time makes the hair look shiny.
  • Your last step I’d recommend air drying the hair as it keeps the hair looking shinier and maintains the hair’s moisture levels. To speed up the process, you may choose to use a blow dryer or diffuser to dry the hair.

Once you’ve dyed your extensions and the hair is completely dry, now you can apply them to your hair. You now have a new color that will most likely turn heads and make you feel and look fabulous!

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