Moving From Curly To Straight On Wet And Wavy Hair Weave


Woman with curly hair on the beachOne of the benefits of having a wet and wavy hair weave is the ease of switching from cute bouncy curls one day to sleek sassy straight hair the next. The cool part about it you do not need to change your weave or add a different kind, it is all in the technique. The recommended hair for this sort of styling variety is deep wave remy hair extensions and with a few common tools and some minor skills you can switch things up in a jiffy. Here are a few methods you can use to switch between styles.

Technique 1: Use a brush

The curls on virgin Indian Wet and Wavy hair are meant to naturally curl and relax without any chemical manipulation. As a matter of fact all you have to do is wet it with a little water and allow the hair to form its own waves and curls. But what if it is a ‘straight hair day’ for you and you want to see what a sleeker style would look like?

The technique is also simple: Use a round brush and slowly smooth out the curls and waves brushing the hair down ward so that it can adopt the style you are trying to achieve. Tip: make sure the hair is completely dry when brushing and work in small sections to ensure the look is achieved all over the head. You will get a kinky straight effect with this method.

Technique 2:  A Little Heat Action

The use of a flat iron on tighter curl patterns may help you to go from wet and curly to sleek and straight. For this technique to work you will need to have the hair properly secured to your head so that you can effectively use the iron without adding too much heat and passing the iron a bunch of times over the hair. Tip: use the brushing technique described above before using the flat iron to get rid of tangles and prepare the hair for heat styling.

Use a Blow Dryer

Another way to achieve a straighter style from your wet and wavy hair is by using a comb or brush attachment on a hair dryer. The hair dryer when set to a warm setting uses much  less heat than would a flat iron and you will be able to achieve the same result. It is not recommended that you wash, blow-dry and flat iron the hair in order to achieve your straight style. Wet and wavy hair is meant to curl up when wet, it is however recommended that the hair be completely dry when attempting to blow dry it straight or flat iron as mentioned above.

It should be noted that repeating the straightening process very often will eventually relax the curl pattern of the hair and it will require more heat each time in order to get the sleek look your desire. Moving from curly to straight in moderation however will not damage the curls and will allow you to have the benefit of the variety that the hair brings.

Have you tried the Wet and Wavy Hair weave, what has your experience been like?

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