How To Flat Iron Human Hair Extensions The Right Way To Avoid Heat Damage


Hair straighteners for hair extensions weaveNowadays, women are gravitating towards hair extensions in order to achieve the long hair that they have always dreamed of. Usually, they aspire to get the hair of their favorite celebrities.

There are those women who have a short haircut who are not satisfied by it that turn towards hair extensions or weaves. Then there are others who just want to experiment to see how they would look with longer hair, especially if they are used to having short hair.

However, the dilemma for many of these women is how to properly and safely maintain and style their human hair extensions the same way they would with their natural hair. One way of styling human hair extensions is to straighten the hair using a flat iron. But you must realize that there are certain things you must be aware of first if you plan on flat ironing human hair extensions.

Many extension and weave wearers prefer human hair extensions over synthetic extensions, because when it comes to styling, human hair extensions are easier to add a variety of hairstyles simply because it’s human hair and can withstand heat. However, it must be noted that straightening human hair extensions with a flat iron or any other hot tool requires particular measures not only to make them look good, but also to maintain the hair’s health so that you can increase its longevity.

Here Are Some Tips to Consider…

It is important that you know what an ideal heat setting is for your human hair extensions, as they have a tendency to be similar to that of your natural hair. If you want to reduce the chance of heat damage, it is a good idea to begin with the lowest heat setting on your flat iron. Then you can adjust it from time to time until you achieve the heat or temperature that’s best to straighten your human hair extensions in order to achieve the desired straightness that you’re looking for.

So, how will you determine if it is the right heat setting? As you are straightening your hair section by section, (preferably 2 inch sections); it should only be necessary to go over to that portion of your hair one time at an unhurried speed. Then continue doing that until you have completely flat ironed your hair. I would suggest that a temperature of 300°F to 350°F will be enough to get even the kinkiest of hair straight as long as you pass it over the section slowly.

After flat ironing your human hair extension weave, you can proceed with what you usually do with your own hair, like putting on hair products like style sealants or serums that add sheen to your hair. Finishing sprays always make the extension style look sleek and well put together, while aiding in maintaining your hairstyle throughout the day.

For safe flat ironing of your human hair extensions, you need to understand the basics first. The first step is to understand how to maintain your hair’s moisture levels to keep the hair looking healthy and strong. In most cases, what causes human hair extension weaves to lose their sheen and get frizzy and tangles is a loss of moisture, as well as improper hair maintenance.

The most ideal method of retaining the quality of your human hair extensions is by carefully utilizing hair styling tools while making sure that you use minimal or no heat at all, if possible. You can utilize your flat iron on an occasional basis. But if you find using a flat iron is necessary for your hair extensions, then make sure that you use the above tips so that you can reduce the chances of hair extension damage.

Always use a heat protecting agent. A great choice is the Ionix Maintenance Spray or Chi Iron Guard Heat Protection Spray.

Make sure that you use a flat iron on hair that has been shampooed and dried thoroughly. Adding heat styling tools to damp hair can singe the hair, leading to breakage and split ends. It’s best to allow your hair to be air dried or blow dried before applying any head in order to reduce hair damage.

Just remember, if you can use flat irons as little as possible, this will increase the longevity of your human hair extensions. By using minimal heat (medium to low as advised) and by choosing the right flat iron, like those that are ceramic or tourmaline irons, this is a better choice simply due to the fact that they produce even heat distribution on the hair leading to minimal damage to your hair extensions.

As long as you properly care for your human hair extensions by washing gently and handling your hair with care as you style it, there is no reason why you cannot reuse your human hair extensions again at a later date. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will also give you another option when you want to change up your look without having to seek out new hair extensions.

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