How To Curl Human Hair Micro Braids


How to curl micro braidsMicro braids, also called invisible braids are very small delicate braids. After the extension hair is applied, they are braided a few inches down while allowing the rest of the hair to hang loose. A full head of micros can often look like a head of flowing hair rather than standard individual braids. They can either be created using human hair or synthetic hair and can also be braided past the clients real hair (depending on how well the client’s hair matches the extension hair).

If well taken care of the braids can last for a few months and they are popular with African American women because they are a pretty low maintenace style.  When I first started my hair journey, braids were my favorite protective style. Not least because my hair was quite short at the time so micros would look wonderful on me but because I didn’t have to do anything much to them to continue looking great. At the time I used mostly synthetic hair

As time went on however, and I started enjoying looking after my hair more and more, I wanted to dabble into human hair micros. I enjoyed the different styles you could get from one install of braids. I would wear them straight one week, kinky curly the next and wavy the week after that. It was a wonderful way to protect my hair as it grew. Now, years later my hair is too long to be worn in micros with loose hair at the ends but I still have fond memories of my micros!

Unlike synthetic hair which is curled using hot water, human hair micros can be treated as you would your own hair. Here is how to curl human hair micro braids.

1. First off start with freshly washed and deep conditioned micros using this method. In essence the micros are braided in large sections creating about 6-7 braids and washed that way. This prevents the micros from slipping while they are wet. Keep the hair, in the braids until they are mostly dry.

2. Depending on what type of curls you want, get the tools that you need. If you want kinky curly braids, you will need perm rods to set the braids in. Rollers will give you voluminous curls and flexi rods will give you spiral curls. In this method however, I describe how to get curls by braiding the micros.

Curly human hair microbraids3. Release the damp micros from their braids, and spray lightly with a leave in conditioner and seal with a few drops of your favorite oil. This is to prevent your braids (and your hair) from getting too dry.

4. Starting at the back, grab a section of micros and braid them pretty firmly until you get to the ends. You may need to secure the ends with elastic bands so that the braid does not unravel.

5. Repeat this with the rest of the micros until you are left with 6-8 large braids around your head. If you plan to dry your hair underneath the dryer then spray heat protectant over the braids.

6. Sit underneath a dryer for about an hour or until the braids are completely dry. Alternativelyy, you can allow the braids to air dry overnight.

7. Unravel the braids to release the curls and voila! Your curly do will last for about a week until your next wash.

Note: Use the same process to get curls with rollers, flexi or perm rods.

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