These Tips Can Help You Expand the Life of Your Virgin Indian Remy Hair


Woman with medium length hair extensions wearing a hatIf you have decided to invest in hair extensions made from 100% virgin Indian remy human hair, you need to understand first how to care for your investment. Proper care of the hair is the key to sustaining its longevity. After all, you do have the option to use the hair again and again and this is possible if you properly wash and maintain the hair when you are using it. So, let’s begin with the best tips on shampooing your human hair extensions…

How to wash and maintain Virgin Indian remy human hair extensions:

With Indian Remy hair extensions, you can retain its natural look for more than a year by just knowing how to properly wash the hair. However, some precautions must be taken to maintain it far beyond what any hair extension expert or stylist could ever recommend.

Firstly, it is of upmost importance to install your Indian remy hair extension gently at the time that you are sewing it in. Do not tug aggressively at the hair while you are installing it. This not only prevents damage to your own hair, but it prevents damage to your hair extensions as well!

Consider using a natural hair shampoo made of natural ingredients. This quality product will help to maintain the softness of your extensions while sustaining the hair’s moisture levels so that the extensions can last longer. The Aveda brand of hair products is a good choice.

Carefully shampooing the hair in warm water is key. Shampoo the hair in a downward direction to keep tangles at bay. Also consider using a small amount of natural conditioner after you shampoo. However, don’t use too much simply because over conditioning can sometimes make it more prone to tangling.

Also, do use too much heat on the extensions. Just like with your natural hair, if the temperature on your styling tools is too high, this can damage your extensions causing breakage and damage to the hair shaft. Be especially careful if you have purchased curly or wavy extensions because you don’t want to ruin the curl pattern and permanently loosen the curl pattern of the hair. When using a flat iron or curling iron it’s best to start at a temperature setting of 150 degrees and if you need, work up to 180-200 degrees to achieve the desired result. Air drying your hair after washing and keep heat tools to a minimum would the best way to help extend the life of your extensions.

Moreover, do not dry with a towel by rubbing forcefully. Dry your hair gently by blotting the hair gently with a micro fiber towel. As mentioned earlier, air drying your hair after its washed is the best recommendation to extend the life of your weave.

Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to comb your hair extensions when the hair is wet from tip to root and working your way upwards. Use calm and gentle strokes. This will ensure that you don’t inadvertently lose more hair than necessary. It also ensures that the hair is carefully separated and won’t tear the hair.

Never sleep with wet hair extensions otherwise this can tangle the hair and give it an unpleasant smell in the morning. Not attractive!

Follow these tips to help your extensions last at least a year and possibly longer. Remember, extra care with hair extensions not only saves you money, but keeps your hair looking beautiful and well taken care of.

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