Fusion Hair Extensions May Be The Way To Go!


Hairdresser Applying Extensions To Client's HairMany women have gravitated towards hair extensions because they instantly give them a new hairstyle on demand. Don’t like your short straight locks, why not add lengthy curly hair extensions! Is your hair too short? Why not add some long human hair extensions with a bit of color! The sky really is the limit when it comes to hair extensions and fusion hair extensions is no exception. If you want to use an extension method that adds length while giving you complete versatility, fusion is the way to go!

Fusion hair extensions are extensions that are applied with a technique that can keep your extensions in for longer periods of time. But unlike other hair extension techniques that attach hair by way of gluing, clipping, or sewing the extension onto the hair and last a couple of months or so, fusion hair extensions if maintained properly, can last much longer – up to 6 months!

Fusion Bonding

Fusion bonding is the technique used to apply fusion hair extensions. How it works is first your hair is divided into strands and these strands are bundled together making way for the fused bond of hair that you’ll be adding. The hair extensions are attached to the bundled strands using a protein bond or glue.

These extensions are attached near the scalp. If the fusion bonding is completed by an experienced hair stylist, the hair extensions will look very natural – as though it is growing from your scalp! The match can be so close to your natural hair texture and color that it can fool anyone into thinking it is your real hair. Of course, using human hair with this process is the recommended choice for this extension style method. You’ll have complete freedom to using heat styling tools any time to style your hair.

The Methods Used:

Fusion bonding can be done in two ways: By using cold fusion or by using hot fusion. An individual can choose between the two and still experience the same, long-lasting results.

The hot fusion technique is the most commonly practiced fusion bonding technique for applying hair extensions. In hot fusion, extensions are attached to the small bundles of hair using a special heating tool and keratin-based polymer. Cold fusion is used for people with thin hair because heat can damage fragile hair. Rather than a heating tool, the cold fusion application involves the use of a sonic attachment tool.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of fusion hair extensions over other kinds of hair extensions are that they can last longer and look more natural. Additionally, they do not damage the hair or scalp, and the results are ideal for all hair types. On the other hand, the disadvantage of fusion hair extensions is that they are more expensive than other extension procedures.

The cost of fusion hair extensions starts at around $800, but other hair extension techniques can be much lower in price. Another disadvantage of this type of hair extension method is that sometimes the bonds of the hair extensions can detach when combing or brushing your hair. Be sure to comb under the bonds to ensure that your extensions are not displaced.

When your hair begins to grow too long and the fusion bonds have moved away from the scalp by about an inch, it’s time to redo your hair. Again, proper handling of your hair is the key to extending the life of your extensions. After all, it’s an investment worth caring for right?

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