Using Wigs For Hair Growth

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Fashion portrait woman with curly brown wigThis information is not new, ground breaking or revolutionary for those of us who’ve been on our healthy hair journeys for a while.  Even newbies who have done the research, joined a hair forum or two, and watched a few YouTube videos, you are probably familiar with most of what I am going to say.

However, my real life friends – and my mother (le sigh) – ask over and over why I wear wigs. After I explain they then want to know how to care for their own hair while wearing them. I’m not talking about the general public or a social associate who inquires about your hair; those folks are not really looking for an in depth look into my haircare philosophies and regimens!  I am talking about friends and family who are genuinely interested in learning how to care for their hair better and have a true desire to learn about how to grow their hair.

So, here is some advice and a few tips on how to utilize wigs to help grow your hair and more accurately to retain your length.

  1. Braid your hair.   I am guilty of doing the ever-so-lazy bun beneath my wigs.  Honestly you need to make a much better effort to either plait or cornrow my hair when you are wearing a wig.  It prevents tangling and places much less stress on the hair. Moisturizing and sealing is easier and if push comes to shove you can even wash and condition your hair while it is braided.  In addition to the health and growth benefits, braiding your hair makes wig-wearing easier. The wig sits flatter on the head when the hair is braided.
  2. Continue your regimen.  Moisturize and seal regularly.  Even if all you are going to do is spray your hair with a moisturizer or braid spray, please do not stop moisturizing!  Regular washing and conditioning are key as well. Don’t slack on your regimen just because you aren’t wearing your hair out.   If you do you will be sorely disappointed when you stop wearing your hair piece and your real hair is breaking!
  3. Wigs for hair growth


    Low manipulation.  My mother (who is essentially my best friend, we talk every single day) infuriates me to no end with the amount of manipulation she does to her hair while wearing wigs.   I promise she is the only person in the world who can wear a wig for 8 months for the purposes of low-manipulation and a protective style with no length progress!  One of her many sins is that she removes her cornrows, combs and brushes every night before re-braiding. And she tells me this proudly as if she is following my instructions! “Ebony – I take my braids down every night and put the Bee Mine in it, comb and brush it.”    Less is more people! All that my mother was accomplishing by doing all of that is giving her hair more opportunity to break.  Last summer I did a wig regimen in which I cornrowed my hair for several weeks, washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and sealed all while in the braids.   This is much healthier for your hair than constantly combing or manipulating it.

  4. Wear a silky wig cap.  Even if it is not constructed of silk or satin, a polyester or rayon spandex cap is healthier than the nylon stocking cap.  Traditional wig caps work excellently to flatten the hair, but they pull at your edges and dry your hair.  There is a new company that sells 100% silk stretch caps for wig wearers called Swig Caps.
  5. Be careful when removing your wig.  Don’t yank it off carelessly.  The combs or clips used to hold it in place can cause breakage if you do not remove it with care.

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