What’s so GREAT About Jojoba & Olive Oil-Based Remy Hair Extensions Treatments!


As already mentioned in our previous post, besides Argan oil, Castor oil, and Coconut oil, which are just wonderful treatments for the hair and your Remy hair extensions, there are 2 other oils with extremely loyal followers and for a very good reason. We are talking about Olive oil and Jojoba oil. Although thousands of lines have been spared to talk about their marvelous properties, we still believe there is room for some more! Let’s see what these wonder oils can do for you and your hair.

Miracle Oil #1: Olive Oil

Besides being a super healthy ingredient used in the Mediterranean cuisine and the best medium to offer gifts to the Gods of Olympus as per the ancient Greeks, olive oil is also much talked about in the beauty industry. Rich in moisturizing properties that are beyond beneficial for the hair it also coats the shaft of the hair and protects it from heat-related damage. That aside, it helps give a sleeker look to damaged hair and split ends. If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of homemade recipes with olive oil, from hair masks to scrubbers.

For healthier, shinier, and stronger strands, apply a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to damp hair. Make sure you distribute it evenly and all along the lengths of the hair. Don’t forget to apply it to your virgin hair extensions, too, and get a seamless, great-looking result. Leave for about 30 minutes (you may want to wrap in a shower cap to speed up the process) and wash it out. Be careful as it may drip on the floor and make it slippery. Finish with a cold water rinse. No need to condition. Time to run your fingers through the hair. Doesn’t it feel baby soft?

Miracle Oil #2: Jojoba Oil

Like Argan oil and olive oil, jojoba oil is also extracted from the corresponding plant and is super much alike the oil our scalps normally produce; the sebum. This is great news for us because we can use it without worrying about potential side effects. Jojoba oil deeply penetrates, moisturizes and hydrates the hair follicles. It also treats any problems related to a dry scalp, as well as dandruff and adds suppleness.

Use it as a leave-in treatment for the hair or the Remy hair extensions or apply it to the scalp and let it work its wonders overnight. If you don’t fancy the idea, just 30 minutes will do. For those that don’t like putting up with the smell of the oil, you can always add a drop of eucalyptus or any other essential oil of your likes. Alternatively, apply a few drops to the ends or enhance your conditioner or mask with a few drops of jojoba oil.

Note: Given that all oils are greasy, don’t overdo it; else both your hair and clip ins will look and feel greasy, even if they are freshly washed. And, most importantly, be patient. Changes won’t happen overnight, but if you stick to a long-term use of these oils, you WILL have luscious, healthy, silky, long hair for sure!

Tips to Choose the Best Oil for You and your Hair Extensions

  • Read the ingredients listIt is important to use chemical-free hair products. If you can find products made from natural or organic ingredients, the better. Parabens, sodium, and siloxanes are among the ingredients that should be avoided if you want healthy-looking hair and Remy hair extensions that maintain their beautiful shape and texture for as long as possible.

  • See how an oil feels on your hair – Despite what everybody will tell you, your hair has the last saying. Try an oil out and see how it works for you. Feel free to move on to the next best thing if it doesn’t. As simple as that!

So, which oil do you prefer? How much have you loved the results from that oil? Do you have a secret oil-based remedy that makes the hair look super cool and healthy? Tell us in the comments!