Picking the Right Hairstyle for your Wedding

So, you have decided to tie the knot! Congrats! With the big day coming up faster than you imagined, chances are you already got the décor inspiration set up alongside everything else that completes your idea of the perfect wedding. Undeniably, one of the biggest concerns (and most difficult decisions) for a bride is how to wear her hair that special day; how does she bring her ideal wedding vision to life to the fullest.

For a stress-free experience and a great hair day, we have gathered some tips and tricks from experts in their field that are here to save the day. Whether you are the bride, mother of the bridegroom, a bridesmaid or wedding guest, here are the 3 What’s you need to ask yourself before deciding your hairdo.


  • Your Wedding Dress or Gown Like?

We‘re sure you have been to weddings where the bride’s hair was competing with her bridal gown to the point it hurt. Celeb stylists suggest the hairdo you choose should complement your dress. This means that if you have selected a simple dress, it’s safe to give more emphasis to the hair and opt for a more dramatic hairstyle. Likewise, if the wedding dress is full of sparkly details and looks a bit heavy, a more elegant yet subtle updo will probably be the best option. Now, if your dress is one of those gorgeous ones with the stunning open back design, a braid or a side ponytail are safe bets for sure.

Tip: You can add more length and volume to your hair with hair extensions. You only choose the best Remy hair extensions for your hair, take good care of them, and make sure the hair stylist is skilled and creative enough to give life to amazing hairstyles.

  • The Weather Like?

Much is dependent on the weather anticipated for the wedding day. From the decorations to, of course, the hairstyle of the bride and the ladies attending the wedding. For cooler climates and weddings taking place inside, you will look absolutely breathtaking with cascading curls. However, practically any other hairstyle of your choice will be an excellent option, since you won’t be sweating or feeling hot, which could ruin the hairstyle.

Hot and humid climates are an entirely different story, though. To avoid ending up with frizzy hair sticking to your neck, back, and face, it’s best to consider something more put together (i.e. an updo).

  • The Length and Volume of your Hair?

Whatever you see on Pinterest, no matter how appealing it may look, you will need to have the hair to pull the hairstyle you fell in love with off. Just because some women wear their hair a certain way and looks impressive on them does not necessarily means that it will flatter everybody else. If your hair is not thick or long enough, you have two options (1) consider hairstyles ideal for shorter hair or (2) wear Indian Remy hair extensions and indeed create the perfect hairstyle for the most memorable day of your life!

Your wedding day is a day about you and what makes you feel beautiful and happy on the inside and out. This means that if you feel yourself and comfortable in a simple hairdo, then so be it. You will surely be the loveliest bride your guests have ever seen!

What kind of hairstyle did you have at your wedding? What hairstyle are you considering for your big day? Your stories are music to our ears!