Cancer Patients And Survivors Turning To Hair Extensions


Pink breast cancer awareness ribbonHair extensions for cancer patients have increased in popularity as it has become a wonderful option for patients and survivors to consider after going through the trials of radiation and chemotherapy. Breast cancer is a tough and often uphill battle for any person to fight and in addition to the day to day trials of cancer itself the thought of losing your hair is a very trying and often a very stressful thing.

The effects of hair loss are sometimes linked to depression, low self esteem and questions on self image. For years cancer patients have turned to wigs as their main source having some sort of semblance of femininity but over the years there have been great advancements in hair products and options for women who want more of a natural look that isn’t hot or uncomfortable to wear.  Here are a few reasons why hair extensions have become an even more viable option for cancer patients.

1. Hair Extensions are more natural and believable– This is one the best parts about using hair extensions, you can finally have an option that feels like your own real hair without the fuss of removal or embarrassment of being caught out there without your wig. Hair extensions are either made with human or synthetic hair which widens the variety and options for women. Lace frontals and closures add to the natural look of the installs.

2. You can have your dream hair – Hair extensions can be done in any style or color you prefer, if prior to having cancer you wondered what you would look like with extremely long hair, now is your chance to experiment. If you have always had thin hair, extensions can help with added volume as well as new lengths. They really allow a woman to achieve what would make her feel the best after going through the challenges of cancer.

3. Extensions are easy to install – There are several ways a stylist can attach hair extensions to your own natural hair. It is best to consult with a professional to determine what the best options for you is because depending on the length and thickness of your hair there might be some options a stylist may be able to provide that you have not considered.

4. Extensions are easy to care for– Even though extensions are not your own natural hair, the process of caring for them is pretty similar which makes it easier. Always seek professional help in determining the best way to care for your hair and have fun consulting with others who wear extensions and who can give you tips on how to care for your new hair

5. Hair extensions can be fun and rewarding – There is nothing better than having your full head of hair again after fighting the battle for your life, the simplest of things can make you smile and as a survivor or a patient that can mean a lot. Extensions can be a fun distraction especially when trying something new that you have never tried before. Regaining your sense of self especially if you have been through surgery and getting your confidence back can be a long process and for some getting hair extensions gives some sense of normalcy.

Are you a cancer survivor or do you know anyone with cancer who has used hair extensions after radiation therapy? How would you describe the experience?

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