Get the Wendy Williams Look!


Wendy williams big curly hair with side partAs a true Jersey girl myself, born and bred, I am and always have been a huge fan of Wendy Williams.  For those who are just becoming familiar with this wonderfully wacky television host, you really missed the best of Wendy in her “previous life” as she calls it through the formerly nationally syndicated radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience. One of the things I love about Wendy Williams is that her appearance certainly matches her personality – large and in charge.  And say what you will about her, but there is absolutely no denying that Wendy’s hair game is on point!

To get the standard Wendy look, you must have an appreciation for big hair.  Southern women, especially Texans, are the queens of big hair but then again so are us Jersey girls.  If you can’t rock big hair with confidence, then this probably is not going to be the look for you.  If you can afford a custom made lace wig, go for it.

As for me, I am going to describe how to reproduce this look using quality hair extensions and a self made u-part wig. Start with long hair extensions, at least 20 inches to get Ms. Williams’ look.  Preferably chestnut brown hair extensions – think color number 2 or 4.

You can use virgin hair and dye it yourself or purchase processed hair that is already the color you are looking for.  Then dye all the hair except for about three to four inches nearest the wefts (which will create the “roots” of the wig) a golden blonde color.  This will create an ombre effect as Wendy loves the dark roots look.  The advantage to this is that most African American women have dark hair naturally so this will make blending so much easier.  For a step-by-step guide on how to color your hair extensions, please see this article.

Next create your u-part wig with a side part.  Wendy does wear center parts every now and again, but she prefers the traditional look of a side swept bang.  If you are unfamiliar with u-part wigs and how to create one, here is a step-by-step guide as well as a few tips to help you.  Next wet the wig down completely and hang upside down to dry.  Wendy has given out this tip on her show and I can say from experience it is the best way to create volume in your wig.  Sure you can attempt to tease and spray it into place, but for a natural, full look drying the wig upside down is a priceless tip!

Once dry, attach your wig to your head and prepare to style.  Shape the bang, if necessary, using a razor to get a very natural edge and add some soft face framing layers.  Now grab a clampless curling wand and wrap large sections of hair around the tool.  Hold hair onto curling wand for about twenty seconds and release.

Repeat this process around your entire wig until all the hair has been curled.  Mist lightly with a light-holding hair spray then brush the curls out to get a nice gentle wave.  Lift the hair at the crown a bit using a wide tooth comb and add a little extra holding spray. I prefer not to tease because it creates frizz and can cause more wear on the extensions.  Viola you’ve now been Wendy-fied!

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