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About World Hair Extensions Indian Hair Sourcing Process

World Hair Extensions is proud to exclusively sell Margaret’s Indian Remy Hair. After many years of looking for the perfect weaving hair, we found what we like to term the “Rolls Royce” of hair extensions. The beauty, texture, and strength of each bundle is unparalleled. You may be wondering “Why Indian Hair?” Below we discuss the primary reasons why Indian hair is considered the highest quality of human hair and what the key elements are that distinguish Margarets Remy Indian Hair.

Why Indian Hair?

Indian hair is highly regarded in the hair industry primarily because of its flexibility, durability, and rich texture. Indian hair is naturally thick and full bodied, so it gives the best possible styling and installation options for extensions. The hair is also naturally dark, so it works very well with most braiding and weaving applications for women of color. Remy Indian hair is synonymous with quality, therefore if you buy Remy hair you’re buying the absolute best Indian hair possible. All of our Remy Indian hair is guaranteed.

Why is Margaret's Remy Indian hair so highly regarded?

The primary factor that ensures the consistent quality of the hair is the sourcing and processing methodology (explained below). ‘Sourcing’ simply means how the hair is collected. The sourcing process includes a number of steps and each of these steps must be done consistently to ensure the perfection of every bundle.

The Sourcing & Inspection Process

Most hair won't qualify

Even before your order is placed, our team in India is hard at work collecting the most amazing hair possible. Hundreds of pounds of Temple hair is sorted into distinct batches, keeping all the hair from the same donor together. Each batch is thoroughly inspected and tested for strength, health, color consistency, and texture. Of this hair, only a few batches are accepted for the Margaret brand.

Hair Inspection Technology

Every bundle of hair is inspected using an Omano Stereo Microscope. This microscope gives us the ability to look at individual strands of hair to inspect and ensure that the fundamental elements of healthy hair are present in the bundle.

Here is a quick summary of the characteristics that makes for healthy hair and what we look for when using the stereo microscope to inspect the hair.

The diameter of the individual strands of hair is of critical importance. If the diameter is too small, the hair will break and “frizz”. We look for a diameter of 80 to 120 micrometers ( 1 micrometer is 1/1000000th of a meter). Hair diameter is typically consistent throughout certain races and the northern indian genetics have consistently produced thicker hair.
Cross Section

The cross section of the hair is the geometric property of the hair when looking at the cross section of a strand. The ideal is to have a nice round cross-section. Most hair is a bit oval and unfortunately for women of color, the cross section is actually like a very flattened oval. This is why the hair forms tight angles along a strand and results in the dense curls.

Hair color comes from natural pigmentation of the cellular wall of the strands. Not all strands have evenly distributed pigmentation and so it is important to check that the pigmentation is evenly distributed along the length of the hair.
Most people shopping for hair have heard of the cuticle layer. This essential layer is comprised of dead cells which serve as the epidermis of the hair. An effective cuticle is one that flows in the same direction as all the other strands and displays a consistently spaced shingle pattern along the length of the hair. The cuticle layer is what defines Remy from non-Remy hair. If the cuticle is intact and flowing in the same direction, then you have Remy hair. If the cuticle layer is either missing or flowing in both directions amongst the various strands in a bundle, then you have non-Remy hair. Many online companies will claim to sell you Remy hair because they know you don’t have a stereo microscope to detect the difference. You may certainly feel the difference after several washings!
Another important component of healthy hair is called “undulation,” which means the waviness of the strands wall. Imagine a straight cylindrical shape, like a paper towel tube. If you take the tube and bend it in a couple of places it then becomes undulated. Highly undulated hair does not last very long because the cuticle layer quickly deteriorates with every washing.

Weft Craftsmanship

Once the hair has gone through its initial sorting and quality assurance, then the process of creating the wefted bundles begins. Machine wefted hair is carefully loomed into a high quality weft material while the hair selected for hand tied wefts is sent to expert weavers who have mastered the art of creating strong and long lasting wefts using a refined hand technique.

Post Order Processing

Upon arrival from India, our staff personally hand picks your Remy hair and double checks for color and texture accuracy. Keep in mind our hair has also been inspected before leaving India. After our trained staff hand selects your Remy Hair, two individuals check and confirm the length of the hair. The lengths are extremely accurate, so you can be confident you’re getting exactly what you ordered.Your hair is then delicately washed with a Ph balanced shampoo. After washing, we use an air drying process that allows the moisture to evaporate naturally off the hair leaving the the hair silky smooth and ready for the red carpet. Finally, your hair is carefully packaged in a special protective bag that keeps debris, air born dust, and static from affecting the product. Your Indian Remy Hair is immediately shipped straight to your door within hours of your order.