5 Fantastic Wedding Hairstyles: Curly Hairdos for Short Hair

Many brides show a strong preference for long curly wedding hairdos that give them a more voluminous, luscious look. However, there are women that want something equally lavishing and impressive with their short hair. Although you can easily add volume and length to your short hair with Remy hair extensions (no wonder they are the number #1 pick for celebs!), nobody will every tell you that you can’t look stunning with your own short strands. Here are 5 of the most gorgeous bridal hairstyle ideas for short-haired women! Enjoy!

1. Bob Hairstyle

Curly hair with a bob haircut is super-easy to style into lovely, tousled, curls. How to achieve fluffy locks? Apply a curling mousse or enhancer to wet hair and scrunch your strands making sure the product is all over the entire length of the hair. Then, blow dry the hair, and that’s it! Your wavy bridal hairstyle is ready to impress with its effortlessly chic and elegant look.

Tip: To enhance the result, consider an interesting hair color before proceeding with styling your hair. To avoid putting your natural hair under chemical procedures, you can have Remy hair extensions dyed the color you want. There are so many ways to dye your virgin hair extensions from dip-dying to having babylights or even have Bronde or Ronze hair colors (see 2016 Hair Color Trends for more).

2. A Floral Headband on Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle

The more natural-looking the bridal hairstyle, the better, according to stylist experts. This doesn’t mean that you will be forced into highly sophisticated or perfect hairstyles. On the contrary. In 2016, wedding hairdos are spontaneous and frisky. That said, all you need to do is use a curling iron to define randomly selected curls and then backcomb the strands on the crown. Adorn with a floral headband for a more romantic look and you are done!

3. Chin-Length Edgy Bob

An avant-garde bridal gown demands hairstyles such as the edgy curly bob hairdo. If this is your case, then the secret is in complementing your delicate feminine appearance. To achieve this, blend rigid flicks with firm curls and you will notice that you are instantly given a fresh look. It is a perfect option, especially if you want out of classic bridal looks and want something more interesting and cool yet equally stylish.

4. Go with a Vintage Bob

Vintage or retro wedding hairstyles are also an excellent way to wear a more modern hairdo. To have retro waves use rollers to curl your hair. Don’t work on the curls after you have removed the rollers. Don’t even brush them but do focus on the accessories. Fabric flowers and a veil (birdcage preferably) alongside a pair of simple, short gloves will be enough!

5. Soft Curls

This is, perhaps, the easiest hairstyle to create yourself. You only need to wear your hair into whimsical curls and finish off your appearance with a beautiful tiara with strasses and/or pearls. That aside, you can use your imagination because short hair allows you to try many different textures and accessories that can range from fancy to minimalistic!

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