Older Women Now Prefer Longer Hair


Sarah Jessica Parker Long Curly HairThere are a million and one reasons why older women would opt for a shorter hair do one of which is an old tale that has been dictated by society that as you increase in age, your hair length should decrease. It has often been said that as you get older to fit in with what is deemed to be age appropriate older women should cut their hair wither pixie short or a short bob.

Nowadays however, older women are breaking into long forgotten trends and are either growing their hair out or adding extensions for longer lengths.  Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vanessa Williams just to name a few have made wearing long hair ok! Here are a few reasons why older women should opt for long hair extensions.

  • Long hair is Sexy – Long tresses have symbolically been linked to romance and ‘sexy mysterious’. Middle aged women are healthier, living longer and feeling great about themselves. These feelings often translate to a feeling of ‘I’m sexy’ and ‘my life has just begun’ they are at the age where they have made their money and wanting to enjoy themselves and that includes their hair. Many middle aged women are seeking fun longer styles that represent their fun sexy side even at the age they are. Extensions give them that option especially if they have always rocked a shorter cuts and they want to change things up pretty quickly.
  • Long hair makes and older woman appear younger – Soft long tresses add youth to anyone, in a time where using Botox is the norm for middle aged women for added youthfulness to their skin, the same concept is applied to their hair. Well groomed long tresses that frame the face literally takes years off your appearance. When choosing the right length and cut it helps to get a professional opinion so that you can determine the best balance between a long soft youthful look and that long haired hippy style that you may not be going for.
  • Long hair can be still sophisticated – Having long hair as a middle aged woman can be viewed by many who have not quite jumped on the bandwagon as being unsophisticated and unprofessional. If you work in a professional environment there are expectations when it comes to appearance but having well groomed locks whether long or short  are generally acceptable and can widen your options if you are wanting to change your style. For example, rocking a sophisticated bun for a huge meeting and letting your hair down for a business dinner. It keeps things interesting even when on the job.
  • You work hard so why not – Who says you have to follow what mom says you should be doing at 45! You have worked hard haven’t you? If you want long hair, well then get long hair! And if you are impatient like many are get some extensions, and go wild by adding some color to your new hair!

Do you think that your age should dictate how long you wear your hair? Are you opposed to older women wearing long hair extensions?

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